Entrepreneur and event promoter, Randall "Randy Ran" Jenkins started the REAL F.L.Y. luxury lifestyle business and brand for people who love to live and dress well.


The passion he has had since he was a teen for style, dress, and fashion inspired REAL F.L.Y.


When a friend asked, “Why is your logo, a fly?” “Randy Ran,” as his friends know him, explained the concept. He shared that he wanted to create a brand that appealed directly to those people who he has experienced love to party, live life to the fullest, and look "fly" while they do it.


When the COVID-19 pandemic altered prospects for the event and party scene in 2020 and 2021, for Jenkins, REAL F.L.Y. was yet another way to bring and keep people together.

He created the clothing company to help people keep a fresh, youthful outlook, and "forever live young," which is part of the "fly," message inside of the REAL F.L.Y. business.

Jenkins creates REAL F.L.Y. designs to artistically coordinate vibrant, colorful garments with equally colorful footwear.

The idea is for REAL F.L.Y. people to be able to match and coordinate a total look, and as he put it, "Always be 'real fly.’”